Quotation1 The thing is I love animals! It's just a shame animals don't love me... Quotation2
Suzu Katta when she is first introduced

Suzu Katta is the Granddaughter of the old couple in the Japanese Fairy Tale "The Tongue Cut Sparrow." 

Due to being the only child inheriting the story and having the female role, Suzu is incredibly reluctant on persuing her destiny for the fact that she adores animals and doesn't dare want to harm any creature for the sake of her story. Especially for what happens to her in the end. It's for this reason that she has affiliated with the rebels. 



To almost everyone, Suzu is portrayed as a creepy, animal hating antagonist like her Grandmother, when in all truth she is the complete opposite. She is kind and caring, and in some ways rather timid. Suzu absolutely adores animals, however any creature she tries to befriend either runs away in fear or violently attacks her, leading very much to her dissappointment. 


Suzu has long black hair with brown highlights that is completely straight, with a dark skin tone and brown eyes. 

Fairy tale – The Tongue Cut SparrowEdit

What the story is about

Shita-kiri Suzume (Tongue Cut Sparrow) is a traditional Japanese fable revolving around a kind old man, his terrible wife and an injured sparrow. A version of this tale can be found here

How does Suzu come into it?Edit

As the female role in the next generation of this story, it means Suzu must portray an evil wife of a kind man and injure her husband's pet sparrow. And in the end she suffers a horrible fate for her terrible ways and greed. Since she is the complete opposite of her Grandmother in personality, the idea of such a role in her story absolutely terrifies Suzu, and would do anything to change her destiny to that of something that matches who she really is. 



Nothing is really noted on her parents, however her Grandparents are always referenced by others. She adores her Grandfather and visits him often, usually going on about how she doesn't want to end up like her horrible Grandmother who she never knew but from what she heard of her thouroughly disliked. 


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. , well, let's just say she has zilch, wich is to say she has none.


Due to her problems with animals, despite always wanting a pet, Suzu never found an animal that stayed or didn't attack her.






Legacy DayEdit







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