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Well, I love nature and walking through the forest on my own and climbing trees and watching the clouds, but the thing I love the most is mining, dad taught me as soon as I was ready, comes in use for my destiny, but I love it the most, what happens to the gold though is a secret since people seem to want to borrow some all the time.


Well, it might sound strange but, my hair is a light lavender color (yes, I dye it!), and my eyes are a shiny ocean blue.

Fairytale: Snow WhiteEdit

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How I fit in itEdit

So, I'm supposed to be the next one of those dwarves who helps Snow White be happy, even though she just rides off with her prince and never thanks us. Talk about manner-less...


Roybel meaning one part of me wants to continue my destiny...And one side doesn't.

Outfits Edit

Normal: I wear a dark red shirt with a light red jacket that's got brown buttons and I wear a pale red and pink skirt with a pair of brown boots and I have my light purple hair down but I wear a pale pink red hat with a red ribbon on it and I have a brown belt with my mining ax swung on it.

Legacy day: I wore a dark wear jacket, a light red skirt and dark red leggings and dark brown boots and my hair tied into a ponytail swung onto my shoulder and my ax swung onto my black belt since I am never seen without it and I wore a red hat and a red cape.

Getting fairest: I wore a long sleeved dark red shirt with a light red shirt layered on top with a gold skirt and I wore some red socks with dark red trainers and I had my hair into a ponytail again but with a gold headband.

Throne coming: I will wear a long red dress but with dark red layered on skirt and I will wear some red heels and my hair will be tied into a plait that hangs onto my shoulder and I will have a mask that's gold and red.

Notes Edit

  • Stevie's middle name is Gem after the gemstones her dad mines.
  • No known siblings or mom.
  • She has a pet like hunters but she calls hers Stone-Cutter.
  • She was inspired by grumpy and made by pinks64831
  • She was recently adopted by Lexi-Rose44
  • Her birthday is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • She gets along with all of the snow white characters...Except for Apple.
  • She is not in any stories yet.
  • She was mining at the time of the food fight.
  • When doing mining, she loves to sing songs her dad taught her.