Quotation1 Can't you see that I'm trying not to look like a royal mess, and in order to do that you cannot be standing directly next to me!?! Quotation2
Stella trying to get a person that is apparently "weird and disgusting" out of her way.

Stella Sister is the daughter of a Stepsister from Cinderella.

Character Edit


Stella Sister is mean, selfish, and controlling. She wants everything to be her way. She wishes to rule everything and live a perfect life.


Stella has blonde hair that she wears in a bun.

Fairy tale –CinderellaEdit

How The Story goesEdit

To summarize, a poor girl is forced to be a maid in her own home.

How does Stella fit into it?Edit

The eldest stepsister had two daughters, each 30 years apart. (It's something in the magic.) The older one became the stepmother, and the youngest became a stepsister. (The younger just has 1 daughter, destined for a role as a stepsister.)



Stella and her mother bond over their selfish ways. She is close to her cousin, Luna Sister.


Stella doesn't have any real friends, but she considers Humphrey Dumpty and Dexter Charming her servants. Stella bonded with them, and she refuses to call them friends, but Stella, Dexter, and Humphrey know they are really friends. Stella is also friends with Luna.


Stella has a pet poodle named Perfect.


Stellar has a one-sided schoolgirl crush on Daring Charming. Of course, he treats her terribly.


Stella has three main outfits:


Stella wears a royal blue shirt with short sleeves. She has reddish-brown tights under green shorts, and green flats.

Legacy DayEdit

Stella wears a long royal blue dress and a reddish-brown cape and tights. Stella also has green high heels.

Getting Fairest Edit

Stella wears a royal blue robe and red shorts. She wears green slippers.


  • Stella calls Dexter by his full name "Dexterous".
  • If Stella had a theme song, it would be Fabulous from High School Musical.


"Dexterous, fetch me my MirrorPhone. Humphrey, hack into Ashlynn's account and post something saying 'I am a silly little fairy fail.' Then, deactivate her account."

"Humphrey, I want Poison Apple Red, not Cursed Fire Orange. There is a difference! When I decided to take you and Dexterous makeup shopping, I thought you'd know your lipstick colors."

"I don't care if you are my lab partner, I refuse to be seen interacting with someone like you!"

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  • Stella's birthday is April 29th.


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