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Spring is the "daughter" of Tinker Bell. More or less.

Miley, just Miley.Edit

Miley, as she prefers to be called, was born in the baby laugh, who is the baby son whose laughter born Tinker Bell (confused, huh?). In this case the faerie Spring is considered the daughter of Tinker Bell and also the next to follow this destiny.

She was born on the first day of spring in the midst of a celebration, and it was so named. Tinkerbell was responsible for it since then.


-Newcomer! -Yelled a fairy amidst the celebration. So everyone stopped what they were doing to greet the little faerie. 

Amid the uproar someone noticed that something was wrong: Miley had no wings.



Ps: I'm Brazilian, I can not write English very well, please contact me if there is any mistake.

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