Snowline W. Rabbit
Rebel Card Snowline
(2nd) Daughter of the White Rabbit
Character Profile
Parent Story Alice's Adventures in Wondeland
Alignment Icon-Rebel Rebels
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A New OrientationEdit

The first day of EAH is getting closer, I've been waits forever-after to finally get here, I previously attended Wonderland Academy High, but due to the evacuation of about…HALF OF EVERYONE IN WONDERLAND, I've ended up here. To tell the truth, it's not half bad. I've got a job at Book End Boutique, I'm a born fashion designer! I'm pretty sure this year will be great, but I can't be sure, destiny's path always seems to take a sudden twist.

Chapter 1Edit

It's the first day at Ever After High, I'm so hexcited! But not half as hexcited as Lindsey my BFFA/roommate. It's all really weird here, but i guess that's what Apple White or Raven would think if they would be at Wonderland Academy High. A while after Headmaster Grimm made the Orientation Day speech, we did our Legacy Day rehearsals, but the moment I finished my speech, a gear turned in my head and BOOM! I realized that I'm not to into my future! What if I could creat my own happily ever after? That all changed when Raven did her rehearsal, Headmaster Grimm told her of the danger that she will be putting herself and her story in. I take it all back what I said about my own happily ever after, but I'm convinced there is a way! The End is just The Beginning for me…

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