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Snow Claus
Snow Claus is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. He's the younger twin of Destiny Claus and Santa Claus' son. Much like Poppy O'Hair, Snow is not a part of his story, being able to choose his own destiny. In the destiny conflict, he is on Rebel side, as he believes everyone should be able to choose their fates and live they own Happily Ever After.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

A lot calmer and more relaxed than his twin sister, Snow is cool and tranquil, and often faces trouble with serenity. He isn't anxious, and frequently is the one responsible to calm people down. Snow is smooth and gentle, and as soft as a cotton candy, and everything he does reflects this side of him. He is tender in his words, voice, touchs and way of dealing with people. The son of Santa is such a cinnamon roll, absolutely cute and adorable.

Despite his soothing personality, Snow is quite brave and isn't afraid of standing for his beliefs. For example, even if he'd love to be just like his father, he sides with the Rebels for believing everyone should have their Happily Ever Afters. The blonde fights for what's right (but fights in a gentle way, so to speak), and isn't scared of standing in front of the ones he loves in order to protect them. He is a loyal friend and devoted to his family, and just like Destiny, often forgets his problems to help others.

Snow is giggly and truly pure, and believes in everything good. He can't see naughtiness in anyone, and can get fooled easily. Not that Snow isn't smart, though, he is. He just can't get to know how someone can be wicked or bad, and believes someone has a huge good heart within them.

Additionally, Snow remains true and never goes back on his word, making him a very honest and honorable boy. He is focused and determined to do what is right, and no one can stop him once he sets a goal. Snow can be a little stubborn sometimes, but he is the purest, most genuine boy you'll probably ever meet.

Appearance Edit

Snow has pale white skin and beautiful, curly blonde hair. His eyes are just like his sister's, rosy purple, and his body is strong and tall. Most of Snow's motifs include Christmassy patterns, such as Poinsettias and reindeers. In addition, his clothing style lays between the Victorian and Edwardian fanshions.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Destiny and Snow are inseparable, trusting in each other for their deaths. Snow is a lot protective over his older though smaller twin sister, who requires his help whenever she loses control over her magic powers. If anyone ever try to hurt her, Snow will step in and stop them, even if it leads them to a fight. They profoundly love and understand each other, being very comprehensive about their flaws and truly trying to help each other grow better and stronger, and also know they most personal secrets. Destiny is a lot supportive over Snow's decisions to be a Rebel and ensures him she will always love her "little blondie cinnamon roll".

Snow loves his mother and father very much, respecting and admiring them a lot. After all, they are the rulers of North Pole, and this is such a big deal. He is especially closer to Mrs. Claus, as his father and sister are closer due to Destiny having to learn Santa's job. However, at their father's death when both Destiny and Snow are 20, the boy becomes awfully depressed by his beloved father's death, but stays strong because of his "Dessie sissy" and their mother.

Through their mother, Destiny and Snow have a half sister, Paloma, who is ten years older than them. Snow really, really loves Pal, but can get a little jealous over her and Destiny's relationship. He dearly misses her, though, and frequently writes her letters.

Upon marrying Jasper Rai, they have four children: Serena, the oldest; Soren and Elysia, twins and Dove, the youngest. Snow never thought he could love so much four little people, but oh Grimm, how he does love those children.

Best Friends Forever After Edit

Scooter McGlass, the next Schoolboy from the tale "The Glass Mountain" is Snow's BFFA. At first, Snow thought Scooter was too much vain, but learned how to like this boy. They are very close to each other, doing mostly everything together - but Scooter is a little of a troublemaker, what leads the Winter boy to some problems. However, they enjoy each other's company very much, sharing crazy ideas and totally different personalities, but opposites attract! Snow considers him a brother and a very close buddy, telling him anything that is bothering this precious blondie.

Friends Edit

Snow's sister-in-law, Scarlet Anne d'Herblay, and Snow have a very strong bond. He knows how the next musketeer is way too good for Destiny, and wants Anne to know Destiny loves her very much - after all, Anne is such a wonderlandiful girl. At firts, Snow was a little frightened with the fact the girl was extremely good with fighting and guns, and his twin was just too small and pure, but he grew to see all the good in Anne, and they become close siblings-in-law. Snow considers Anne his sister, and wants Destiny and her to be together and happy forever after.

Snow has a like-hate relationship with Blake Von Dark. This leads due to the fact that both are crushing on Jasper, but Blake is happy to know his roommate and his crush are happy together, and this makes their friendship grow stronger.  

Pets Edit

Snow has a pet dragon Jasper gave him, named Polstjärnan (meaning "North Star"). Polstjärnan is an Ice Dragon in the colours blue and silver. He also has a baby male reindeer named Kall ("Cold").

Romantic Interests Edit

When Destiny brought her friend Jasper Rai to spend Christmas with her famiy (her father being busy with work), Snow fell head over heals for her. Once they returned to Ever After High, Snow does all he can for her (even though it takes her a while to actually notice that Snow is crushing her). Snow then went with his sister and new crush over to Ever After High, which helped his love for the lightning girl continued to grow.

Shortly after Parent's Day, and with a blessing from Jasper's father, and a push from Anne and Destiny, Snow finally got the courage to ask Jasper out on a date. Snow was very nervous and didn't even know that Jasper waiting for Snow to make the first move. The date went without a problem and the two went on a few more dates before Snow asks Jasper to be his girlfriend. Every day, Snow tells Jasper that she is not a monster and shows affection to her every day.


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1st Period: Creative Storytelling

2nd Period: Cooking Class-ic

3rd Period: Arts and Crafts

4th Period: Experimental Fairy Math

5th Period: Cross-Cultural Reference Class-ic

6th Period: Woodshop

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on December 24th.
  • He speaks with a soft Swedish accent.
  • Different than Destiny, he has no magical powers, just an incredible strength. Snow doesn't mind at all, though.
  • Snow is Bisexual, though this is an extreme secret - only Destiny knows about that. He used to have a heavy crush on Northwind, finding him extremely cute and adorable. They just grew to be buddies, though.
  • Snow's full name is Snow Noel Balthazar Claus. Yes, Santa and Mrs. Claus really liked long names.

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