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Sky talking to Ella about magic

Skylar Flutters is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.

She sides with the Royals even though she is born with little royal blood. She is happy with her destiny of helping people, making her a Royal by choice.



Skylar is a strong willed fairy, and will do anything(except give up her magic) for a cause. She is referred to as a tomboy by some.


Skylar has light brown hair with teal and black streaks. She has a six-pointed star as a barrette. She has darker tan skin with freckles.

Fairy tale – CinderellaEdit

How the Story Goes

Cinderella is a servant to her step mother and step sisters. After they get an invitation to the prince's castle, Cinderella gets a visit from a fairy godmother, who gives her a dress and shoes until midnight. When the clock strikes that time, she rushes to get home, her glass slippers plopping off in the process. The prince carries it to every home in the kingdom. The shoe gets tried on by every girl in Cinder's house. When the shoe gets to her, it fits and the prince gets married to her.

How does Skylar come into it?Edit

Skylar becomes the Fairy Godmother, who gives Ella the gown to go to the party with.



Her mother is still living, but quite fragile due to magic loss. Her father stepped out of the picture when Sky was younger.


She can relate to Raven Queen because of the magic situation, but her Best Friend Forever After is Ella Chaussure.


Sky has a baby Pegasus named Lilya.


Skylar is crushing on Charles Charming, Ella's Prince Charming.


Skylar wears a multitude of outfits, here are only 2 of them.


Skylar wears

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