Here you can see my characters, organized into Rebels, Royals, Roybels and Neutrals. Also there are upcoming characters which have to be created, yet.

Rebels Edit

William OzEdit

Griselle GrandeEdit

Royals Edit

Melody NightingaleEdit

[[File:|90px|border|left]]Melody Nightingale is the daughter of the Nightingale. With the help of her friends, Melody wants to achieve her dream of becoming a succesful singer. She's willing to be the next nightingale, even if it means she will lose the person she loves, Ying Tan, the next Chinese Emperor.

Momo PeachEdit

Momo Peach
Momo Peach is the daughter of the hero Momotaro. Momo is a joyful and bubbly girl, who likes to tell the stories of her father. Even though people find it awkward that Momo has to come out of a giant peach, they like her destiny and find her very interesting. Following her destiny, Momo doesn't visit the usual classes for female royals. Since she has to defeat Oni's (Japanese: Demons), Momo visits the same classes as her fellow male students.

Djamila LampEdit

Tara NikolausEdit

Faerie ToothEdit

Glitter SouthEdit

Aaliyah NightEdit

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Musetta ValseEdit

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Neutral Edit

Evie WeißEdit

[[File:|90px|border|left]]Evie Weiß is the daughter of 'Mrs. Her Majesty' the White Queen. Despite the fact she's going to be the next White Queen and that she wants to follow her destiny, she doesn't want to be the next 'White Queen'. She argues a lot with her mother which seems to only present her daughters like a precious trophy.

Dotty GaleEdit

Amber MidasEdit

Upcoming Characters Edit

  • Carmen Red-Heels - Daughter of Red Shoes
  • Génevieve Ballett - Daughter of Giselle
  • Ying Tan Emperor - Son of the Chinese Emperor

Retired Edit

  • Clara Holle - Daughter of Mother Holle
  • Sana Peach (New Name!) - Daughter of Momotaro