Quotation1 My voice is my best feature. Quotation2
Siren Song talking about her beautiful voice.

Siren Song is the daughter of the Little Mermaid from the fairytale of the same name.

Personality Edit

Siren Song is very kind. She has a beautiful voice. She is very gentle, and has a touch of mystery. She would be happy with her destiny, if only she didn't lose her voice and die. She highly disagrees with the fact that water is on land; Siren beleives water should stay in the spaces cleared for them. Siren has a severe case of ADD, and is often distant and will wander off and completely shift her mind.

She is apart of Gleeful Ever After, the school's glee club.

Fairy tale –The Little MermaidEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, a mermaid wishes she was human.

How Does Siren Fit Into It?Edit

When the Little Mermaid died, she was brought back to life and magic gave her a child.



Siren is very close to her mother.


Siren and Lily Ashen got in a fight that will be described in an upcoming fanfic. Siren is also friends with Dana Charming.


Siren has a pet whale named H20.


Siren doesn't trust anyone because of what will one day happen to her. But she has a slight crush on Hopper, who has gotten over Briar. (Well, DevineDotties hopes so.) He asked her to dance once, and they ran away from the dance because it was boring, and went to a nearby Dairy Snow Queen. (DevineDotties' EAH version of Dairy Queen.) Hopper and Siren discovered how much they have in common. But then they broke up and he started dating Rarity Mermaid


Siren has three main outfits:


Siren wears her blonde hair up in a bun with two squiggles of hair coming out. She wears a blue short-sleeved shirt with a wave design on it. She wears teal pants with a scale design. Siren wears blue and teal high heel shoes.


Siren has a teal tail. She wears a blue pair of shells.

Legacy DayEdit

Siren wears the same thing is her Basic outfit, except she has a seashell tiara, her shirt is a blue shirt with a scale design, and she has a blue and teal scale cape.


"Lucky you. In the end of your story, you'll have a voice."

" Water can't be on land. Land is already so popular, it should just keep itself seperated from water. Water must stay in the spaces cleared for it. I've tried reasoning with the sea, but it doesn't listen!"

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  • Siren's birthday is April 2nd.
  • If Siren had a theme song, it would be Part Of Your World from the Little Mermaid.


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