Sir Dylan White II

Quotation1 Have no fear m'lady! I shall save you!- and your books. Quotation2
Dylan over reacting to Snowline dropping her books.

Personality and skillsEdit

Sir Dylan White II, commonly known as plain Dylan is the son of the white knight from Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass. He loves sword fighting and saving damsels-in-distress. He is a friendly guy with a good sense of humor and a healthy balance between fun and work. He also is very fond of horse riding. During his free time he is often found in an empty room with his sword practicing, tearing a poor scarecrow to pieces . He over reacts to little things that don't need to be noticed, such as Snowline dropping books or some girl slipping over etc.

Appearance and style Edit

Dylan has brown hair fading into blonde and a dark green for his eyes

Relationships Edit


Dylan is the son of the White Knight from Alice in Wonderland, specifically through the looking glass, his older sister is Lady Whitney White II


His BFFA is Harry White


Does my stallion named Lightning count?


He is single



He sports a white jacket with black sleeves and and a dark blue shirt with black converse

Legacy DayEdit

He wears armor with a black feather on his helmet and a sword with a ruby encrusted handle.





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