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Siobhan talking to her sister Kayleigh
   Siobhan is the daughter of the youngest of the 12 dancing princesses. She is 15 and in EAH because without her and her sisters,her parents story couldn't continue being told.She has short patience and a temper.She is loud and will defend her sisters.She says Kayleigh is her least fave sister but she actually admires her.Created by Jeb029


Personality Edit

Siobhan is sassy,she has short patience,she has a temper,she is loud and will defend her family and friends.All things that make up a diva.But she isnt.She hides a secret that nobody needs to know.That nobody knows.


She has tanned skin,black curly hair with blonde streaks,a quiffed fringe with a small plait,eyes that seem to change colour from hazel to green to blue and a scar that looks like a tattoo on her thigh. 

Fairy taleEdit

The Twelve Dancing Princesses 



Her Mother is the youngest 12 dancing princess.Her father is an Irish Knight.She has 3 sisters.She has 11 aunts and 9 cousins.Her,her sisters,and some of her cousins will become the next dancing princesses as there needs to be 12 princesses.She has a close friendship with her cousin Abigail-Rose Vecton. 


Abigail-Rose Vecton is her BFF and cousin. She won't admit it but her only other friends are her sisters. 


She is waiting for someone to catch her eye but does not know that someone back in Ireland has his eye on her... 



She wears a blue and lilac ruffled dress and blue and lilac heels with fur.She also has a  blue bag with a ballet slipper print.

Legacy DayEdit


  • Her secret is that every night she travels through a secret passage way to a tiny town in Ireland where she meets strange men,strange women and travels on a journey to discover her past,her secret admirer, why she got her scar,why she is nothing like her family and why she is discovering part of another fairytale instead...
  • Siobhan is in the middle of the transfer between EAH and another school in Ireland for folklore.She is going to live with her aunt Laurie.Her aunt is paternal and has secrets Siobhan wishes to uncover.

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