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Simone Mouton is the niece and successor of Princess Merveilleuse from Madame d'Aulnoy's The Wonderful Sheep.


Name: Simone Mouton

Age: 16

Parent's Story: The Wonderful Sheep

Alignment: Rebel

Roommate: Brittany Bratwurst

Appearance: Above average height, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a pink lolita dress and platform shoes, as well as a jacket made of sheep wool.

Secret Heart's Desire: I want to be the center of attention and have all the nicest outfits!

My "Magic" Touch: I can communicate with sheep for some odd reason. I don't want to waste my time with them. Though their wool makes nice sweaters and jackets.

Storybook Romance Status: I'm dying for a boyfriend - as long as he's a handsome prince with an athletic build. (Daring Charming is my ideal crush, of course.) So many of the princes here are too girly. I need a prince - the thought of me with a commoner? How utterly preposterous!

"Oh Curses" Moment: A ram fell in love with me and asked me out. Luckily, I responded by yelling "NO!" at it. (I don't get what Mom ever saw in one of them.)

Favorite Subject: Princessology. I love the attention, the gowns, and the princess stuff.

Least Favorite Subject: Beast Training and Care. I'm not going to ruin my appearance by working with filthy animals. I might break a nail.

Best Friend Forever After: Patty Grabuge. She's one of the few people willing to defend me - even though I don't like her boyfriend.


Simone was sent to school with the hopes of being popular - and to find a better boyfriend since she does not want to end up happily ever after dead like her aunt Merveilleuse. Her mother showers her with dresses, jewels, and other expensive items. Her favorite fabric is sheep wool, and she enjoys wearing it.

Simone is an arrogant, selfish, spoiled brat. She is also a bully, and she loves to make rude comments towards the other kids. Her favorite target is probably Hans Eisenmann since he's overweight. Simone doesn't like animals that much (except for her little dog Tina), and she has a tendency to brag. She is called "princess" affectionately by her mother and friends and sarcastically by her detractors.

Even though Simone wants to be popular, she isn't very popular - many students find her more annoying than charming. Simone loves the attention that she gets, but she doesn't like her mother's story and wants to change it - she doesn't want to get involved with a sheep. She wants a real prince.


  • Simone's surname means "sheep" in French.
  • Simone's dog Tina thinks she is rather rude to the other students and wishes she was nicer.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Kira Buckland.

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