Quotation1 I dont really give anything about my destiny. I just care for Vixen, and I would do anything for her. Quotation2

Silvia Hound is the naive yet intelligent daughter of Copper from the novel The Fox and the Hound. She wishes to not follow her destiny, since her *crush* Vixen Red will get penalized for it. She is also an open LGBT supporter, and doesnt let anyone change her mind. 



Silvia is pretty friendly, easy to talk to, but also pretty leen and loud. She was raised in a pack of hunting dogs, but slowly taught herself that she still had to have control and not be so loud like the others, since she knew she was going to be sent to a public school full of princesses and whatnot. She doesnt really want to embarass herself around high class by howling etc. She also has a crush on her rival in her story, who is Vixen Red, daughter of Tod. She tries not to let anyone know about this crush, since its against destiny, and many of the kids at that school would get really quirky about two girls being together. Vixen is the reason she disagreed with her destiny, she had to watch Vixen die. And also, Silvia has to be shot in the end of the story, which she doesnt want. 


Silvia always enjoys long walks in the Enchanted Forest with Vixen, and they always talk. She also texts Rolana Candeliere a lot about Grimmnastics championships. Silvia used to love to hunt, until she found out Vixen would die because of it. Now Silvia is trying to drop down her hunting ego so she wont end up hurting Vixen in the future. 


Silvia has medium skin, dark blackish-brown hair in two ponytails looking similar to hound-dog ears, almond shaped dark eyes, freckles, and two canine teeth that show above her bottom lip due to all of the hunting she has done as a small pup. 

Story- The Fox and the HoundEdit


How does Silvia come into it? Edit

Before death, Copper had met another bloodhound and had a litter of pups, so one was Silvia, and the others were supporting hunting dogs. 

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