Silver Goose

Silver Goose is the daughter of the Goose that lays golden eggs, from Jack and the Bean Stalk.


Silver is sweet and sympathetic about others and cares deeply about her friends. Silver is compassionate and loves animals of all kinds.


Silver has a deep tanned complexion and black and gold hair. Her peacock dress is done in feathers to match her green eyes. Silver has green and gold heels with blue straps.




Parents StoryEdit

Jack and the Bean Stalk




Harper Harmonia

​Secret Heart's DesireEdit

To open up a charity for enchanted creatures.

My "Magic" Touch[1]Edit

I can conjure up golden eggs out of thin air, sometimes on purpose.

My Storybook RomanceEdit

I'm not looking right now, I want to help first, boys way later.

​My "Oh Curses!" MomentEdit

I tend to make gold eggs appeare, which has become quite the problem in class.

Favorite SubjectEdit

Royal Student Council, Ilike to contribute to my school.

​Least Favorite SubjectEdit

Cooking Classic, eggs make me uncomfortable.

Best Friend Forever AfterEdit

Jillian Stalk and Cookie Gingers



Tiny and Jillian Stalk


I have a baby peacock named Foefum, she is the inspiration for my outfits, and material source when she sheds.

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