Sibuna chronicles is a upcoming book series written by Timelordpinks123 staring her OCs, where books will cover the characters and leading them to starting a club which solves mystery's which no one knows about or cant find anything on them.

Characters Edit

  • Icy snow
  • Flamette 'flame' bird
  • Clove dragon
  • crystal guardian
  • stormy frost
  • dame dragon
  • frosty snow
  • stella violet charming
  • Diamond snow (new character)
  • Molly grimm
  • Petal grimm (going to be explained in a future story)
  • Christian snow (new character)
  • pyro bird (new character)
  • amy dragon (new character)
  • kurt guardian (new character)
  • Ally wonderland (new character)
  • Anna bell (new character)
  • baily bell (new character)
  • emerald pan (new character)
  • jem pan (new character)
  • ocean mermaid (new character)
  • peter wood, son of one of the theater puppets, so not cedar, (new character)
  • geogie wood, daughter of peters dad, so not cedar again, (new character)

Season 1 Edit

Book 1: Family ties (coming soon)

While visiting her mother, icy snow has discovered there is a long lost sister and brother born before her and stormy, and soon finds her, a girl named diamond snow and a boy named Christian snow, who is still mad at their parents for leaving them but soon agrees it wasn't her fault, meanwhile, molly grimm is struggling to find out something about her sister petal, will sibuna and Milton surprise her?

Book 2: WIP

Shippings involved Edit

  • Dicy, icy and dame
  • furt, flame and kurt
  • crive, cristian and clove
  • Dyro, diamond and pyro
  • sem, stella and jem
  • maily, molly and baily
  • pamy, peter and amy

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