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THIS FANFICTION IS NOW CONSIDERED OUTDATED Here Zena will post drabbles of ships and crackships that she has written.

Sparrowgail 29/05/14Edit

Sparrow's face was tomato red.


In a fluid motion, he swiped his arms over his face. He looked livid, and it certainly wasn't just because of the tomato juice dripping from his eyebrows.

"I'm so going to get you for this, Abi!" he yelled, grabbing the nearest bottle of mayonnaise. Sparrow leapt on a table, skidded off it, and landed ungracefully on his butt.

Loud laughter erupted from behind him. "Get me for what?" Abi joked, dropping an empty can of cold tomato soup on the floor. "You're the one who lost the food fight. Now, what can I even steal from you this time? I've got your phone, I've got your stupid hat..." Her eyes lit up, before advancing towards the outlaw.

She bent down on her knees, before grabbing his shoulders and stealing a kiss.

It had been barely a second before a voice blundered "Sparrow Hood! Abigail Thief!". The two broke the kiss, and found a furious White Queen glaring down at them. "What is the meaning of this mess?"

A drabble about love, loss and hot chocolate (Cedlana) 29/05/14Edit

The morning fog dimmed the sun's rays, and a lone girl slouched on a bench outside a blue coffeeshop. Tears lingered her eyes as her hands stroked the edge of an heavy hot chocolate cup.

"Rolana?" Rolana's thoughts were interrupted by a nasally voice behind the donkey. "Are you okay? You look sad."

She glanced up. Cedar Wood's concerned face came into view. "I'm not sad. I'm stupid, I'm naive, I get sucked into false promises and get any sort of trust shattered," Rolana murmured in reply.

Cedar sat down next to the donkey and sympathetically patted her on the shoulder. "It'll get better. What happened, Lana?"

A small sigh. A furrowed brow. A downward glance. And finally, a fallen tear. "Daun broke up with me."

The wooden girl offered a friendly smile. Rolana knew those kinds of smiles were forced, but it still made her feel better. Cedar then laughed, "Who cares about that whiny, annoying loser, anyway?". She stood up, and offered Rolana her hand.

Rolana took it gladly, and the two walked back into the coffeeshop for more hot chocolate.

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