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Seelia is enthusiastic, optimistic and always believes in chances, for she listens to this one sentence "Never too late to mend". She thinks that although one might fail at their first try but one can fix their mistakes afterwards. She is also caring when it comes to helping others and lending a hand. She always carries a bottle of a magical tonic that cures any injury by rubbing it on the damaged body part, like scars, broken bones...that she uses to help her friends around school. Other than that, she even helps them out with homework, especially Chemythstry.


In both forms, Seelia has white fur covering most of her body, a long tail, one blind left red eye and a colorblind right brown eye.


As a mouse, Seelia is 1.00 meters tall, making her rather big for most rodents.


As an anthro, she is approximately 1.60m tall and has curly blonde hair.

Nursery Rhyme and short story – Three Blind MiceEdit

How it GoesEdit

How does Seelia come into it?Edit

Sometime after the mice became successful businessmen and millers, they each settled down with their own humble families. They all had kids, Seelia being the only child of the second mouse.




Apart from her childhood play pals whom were the children of the other two mice, Seelia has a few close friends but their relationship isn't the most harmonized compared to other friendships, which lead to several bittersweet rivalries between them.

Samuel Gulliver is Seelia's absolute closest "nerd" that she hangs out with, as she spends a lot of time with him during study appointments and in class. He often helps her with homework which includes what he doesn't believe in: Magic. He may have high grades in Chemythstry class but he believes that "magic" is only "clever trickery and unexplained phenomenons", giving Seelia a hard time trying to convince him that science doesn't apply to everything in the realm of fantasy.

Thistle Remorso is Seelia's roommate and her acquaintance (Or as she thinks so). Seelia knows the sentence "curiosity kills the the cat" well, but still, Seelia often observes Thistle's actions and interactions, especially when Sir Ratty is around, since she has a tingling feeling about those two.

Devon Serpentine TBA









"Gosh, no offense but your roommate is a bit of a idiot. He really thinks CPR is "true love's kiss"!!!"Seelia talking to Samuel Gulliver after Damsel In Distressing.


  • This character has been retired, all the information here is no longer revelant. She has a friendship with an older version of Samuel Gulliver, not the version you can view from the link.


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