Scaylor Jewel is the daughter of the jewel dragon in the japanese fairytale the dragon jewel. She is a Rebel and her best friend is unknown. She is 16. She is a shy, secretive, private girl, who likes to be alone. She can be easily scared and likes things that sparkle, especially jewels! She has been known to steal royals tiaras and necklaces often. She is also very graceful, as shown in the episode 'The diamond in the rough...of scales', where she overcomesher shyness and performs a ballet recital in front of the whole school, thanks to Duchess, who is secretly friends with Scaylor, and is considered to be one of her close friends. She dorms with Elena Thumb. She dies at the end off her story, so she is a complete rebel. Edit

Looks: Edit

Scaylor has waist length black and red hair, tied up in two buns. Mint green skin and a long green tail with black hair at the end.

Wears: Edit

Scaylor normaly wears a green, one strap top with ornate flower patterns on, black cropped trousers with a gold dragon on one thigh and gold hems.

For legacy day she wears a long green dress with black dragons on it creating a lace effect. She also has a water lilly crown holding her hair in a similar hairstyle to Lizzie hearts normal hair.

Family: Edit

Father: The jewel dragon

Sisters: Two sisters, who are, however, unamed. Edit

Scaylor Jewel Gallery:Edit

No pictures yet

Quotes: Edit

'You can't hide from your destiny!' Apple to Scaylor

'I can and I will and I am!' Scaylor replying before crying

Episode: The diamond in the the rough... of scales'


Duchess swan, considered best friend

Icy Queeen

Elena Thumb

Marilyn Daughter

Ginny Sword

Armani Maiden

Winnie Oz

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