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Scarlet Danseur is the daughter of the protagonist from the story 'The Red Shoes' by Hans Christian Anderson.



Scarlet can come off a bit cold at first, and is rather reserved in large groups and with those she doesnt know well. If you get to know her, she loosens up a bit but still isn't exactly what you'd call friendly.

Appearance Scarlet is about average in height, if not a little tall, and is well toned from her extensive dance reginime. She has shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes.

Fairy Tale

Main Article: The Red Shoes



Scarlet is friends with Airmid Crates, who she met while studying at the library and her roommate Avril L'Épée.







Scarlet wears a white skirt with a white bodice with red sleeves and a red strip of ruffles and a ribbon in the centre. The outfit is finished with a pair of red ballet slippers, covered with red legwarmers.

Scarlet basic


Legacy DayEdit

Scarlet concept1

bleh i need to draw this properly

Scarlet wears a dress with a multi-shaded red skirt and white bodice. She wears a red corset and a black sash over it and has her hair in a bun.

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