Savanne "Svane" Ælling
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Character Profile
Parent Story The Ugly Duckling
Age 16
Alignment Royal
Roommate To be added
Secret Heart's Desire I don't have to be the fairiest of them all, but I wish I was able to fit in. I just want this bullying to end, my Fairy Tale can't come quick enough.
My "Magic" Touch I'm able to play almost any classical music instrument.
Storybook Romance Status To be added
Oh "Curses!" Moments To be added
Favourite Subject Crownculus
Least Favourite Subject Grimmnastics, I'm not very athletic.
Best Friends Forever After To be added

Savanne "Svane" Ælling is the daughter of the Ugly Duckling. She is on the Royal side because she has no problem with her happily ever after. As a matter of fact she can't wait for it come. She is often the target of bullying.



Savanne lacks the social skills to be able to socialize with most other students. Most of those that do socialize with her are negative (not to say there aren't those who socialize with her in a positive manner). She is often the target of bullying being referred to as the "Ugling". This bullying has resulted in Savanne being unable to think positive about herself. She feels as though what a lot of people say about her is right.  She suffers of depression and anxiety and has a low self-esteem. She does however have a small backbone, but it's turned into only being able to mumble a remark back before it completely disappears. Feeling rejected by her fellow students she has grown to try befriend the teacher's instead by always applying to all rules and having her never not have her homework done, which causes her to also not going to the few parties she is invited to, deciding to study instead. Unfortunately this ended up doing more harm than good, as it is the cause of even more bullying, now also for being a "teacher's pet".


Savanne wears large black horn-rimmed glasses and a delaire reverse pull facemask. Her face is covered with severe acne. She is has a low muscle tone and is very thin. Her hair is short and black and her eyecolor is brown. She also has a Beautiful Swan form she takes on after her fairy tale is over and on special occasions like Legacy Day and her Birthday.

Fairy tale – The Ugly DucklingEdit

How the Story Goes



Her father is the Ugly Duckling.


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Her main enemies are Bluebell Bête and Lucia King, her biggest bullies.


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She wears large black horn-rimmed glasses and a delaire reverse pull facemask. Furthermore she wears a grey dress which comes down to about the same height as a three quarter pants.

Legacy DayEdit

For Legacy Day she is allowed to use her beautiful swan form. She uses contact lenses and takes of her braces for one night only. She wears a beautiful white dress which end up in beautiful white swan feathers at the end of the dress. She also uses a magic spell that makes her skin smooth as can be and gets rid of all the pimples.

Getting FairestEdit


  • Bullies refer to her as "Ugling"; a mix between "Ugly" and "Duckling".
  • Savanne comes from "Svane" which is her nickname and means Swan in Danish.
  • Ælling means Duckling in Danish.


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