Sandrew 'Sandy' Beaches is the son of the Sea Witch from the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Little Mermaid; meaning he is a part of Symphony Shallows' tale.

Being childhood friends; Sandy has been friends with Symphony for a long time. He ignores the fact that one day, he will have to send her to her demise.

He was created by Jackie Pumpkin on DeviantART



Sandrew is very loud and quite the opposite to Symphony. He is usually caught showing off in front of others, or translating for Symphony. He is a Rebel, and quite often is seen acting out in class or being a fun annoyance to the teachers.


Sandrew has various shades of blue hair, that covers one eye and has pale skin. He wears a more casual atire with the addition of sea themeed acessories such as the ocotpus on his jacket and the use of rope as a belt. On his body, he has sucker marks from the arms of a octopus, with the addition of finned ears. He was made to look more fish than human.



Sandy's mother is the Sea Witch from the story of the Little Mermaid. He doen't have a very close relationship with his mother.


Sandy has stated to be friends with Hunter Huntsman. Also he is close friends with Symphony Shallows but it doen't really help being each enemy. He usually acts as her translater when shes lost for words or is stuttering. Unfortunetly, when they were younger, Sandrew tried to fix her voice but failed due his black magic.


Having grown up with Symphony, Sandrew has developed feelings for Symphony. It has been kept at a secret due to Destiny reasons, and wish to keep it that way.



In Sandy's basic outfit, he wears a blue hooded shirt with an angry orange octopus on it. Underneath, is a darker blue long sleeved shirt rolled up around his elbows. For a belt, he wears rope that wraps three times, basically doing nothing. his pants fade from a drak stormy blue, to a pale white. his shoes are hightops which are re with blue laces and zippers down the sides. His hair is worn casual covering most of his left eye.

Legacy Day

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  • Before a friend helped with name suggestions; Sandrew was originally a black haired girl named Vanessa Eel.
  • Originally, Sandrew had more of a purple/octopus theme, and seemed a little less human than he is now.
  • He and Symphony used to live in the ocean.
  • The octopus marks he has are a refrence to the Sea Witch, Ursula from Disney's Little Mermaid