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Salome Auge is the daughter of Two-Eyes from One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes by the Brothers Grimm.


Name: Salome Auge

Age: 15

Parent's Story: One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

Roommate: Vasiliki Yannaki

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Relatively light complexion, below average height, brown hair and brown eyes. Hairstyle is somewhat Egyptian-inspired. Wears eye tiara on head and eye amulet around neck. Wears a sleeveless, floor-length turquoise dress.

Secret Heart's Desire: To see the world from a unique perspective.

My "Magic" Touch: I can see with the eye on my tiara.

Storybook Romance Status: I'm single. I don't desire a boyfriend.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: My aunts each have a daughter who attends Ever After High. Mom's older sister's daughter has one eye and her younger sister's daughter has three eyes. They give me a hard time since they're not as well-liked. They're nice girls, but I don't like that they're so jealous of me.

Favorite Subject: Mythology. It's such a cool subject.

Least Favorite Subject: Grimm-nastics. I'm not really into sports.

Best Friend Forever After: I have a few. Can't pinpoint just one.


Greetings. I am Salome Auge (my last name means eye in German). I am the daughter of Two-Eyes. My family is rather odd - we have a lot of people with unusual numbers of eyes. My mother's older sister has one eye, and her younger sister has three eyes. Both of them have daughters who inherited their number of eyes. My mother was disliked by her family for the longest time because she looked normal while her sisters looked unusual. The same thing happens with my two cousins - both of them are very unpopular at Ever After High because they don't have two eyes.

I find the eye symbol to be really cool and I wear it all the time. I wear an eye tiara that has magical vision powers, enabling me to see in infrared and ultraviolet vision. I have pictures of eyes decorating my room. I'm also into mysticism, and I dress in kind of an Egyptian-inspired fashion, including the way I style my hair.

And now I'll tell you about my friend Isidore. He is such a sweet boy, and he's so gentle. He always offers me oranges to eat, and sometimes he'll make things with orange marmalade. His parents also really like me, and my parents like him. He's even nice to my one-eyed and three-eyed cousins. I think we're a good match.


  • Salome has asthma. She needs an inhaler and carries it around frequently.
  • Salome's cousins are Ida Auge (one-eyed) and Irma Auge (three-eyed).
  • Salome has an older sister named Iris, who is eighteen.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

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