Quotation1 Big smiling lips, a little sunshine on the eyes and always the right words, in the right moments. That's me, amiga! Quotation2
Saci "Sassy" Perirí
Saci Perirí (aka Sassy by her friends) is the daughter of the Saci Pererê, the leader of all Sacis.

The Saci Kind and Saci PererêEdit

Sacis (pronounced sah - cih - s) are one legged, human like creatures of the forest. Always dark skinned, they are born inside bamboos, and stay inside this plant for 7 years before being born; they live a total of 77 years.

Saci Pererê, the leader of the Saci kind (and Sassy's father) is the most known Saci ever. He doesn't have an actual tale, but he's very known for his mean pranks with all types of households - with his magical powers, he burns whatever is cooking on the oven, make eggs go rotten, and his best one: tangling and braiding horses' manes. Him and all Sacis have the ability to ride tornados, big or small. They don't like to be seen, but if you want to, windy days are the best.

They may be fast and agile beings, but they can be trapped. Their hat is their power source - take it, and they are magicless. Being so, they'll, literally, do anything you say to get it back (meaning they are enslaved to you). This technique has been kept in secret for thousands of years, for good reason. 

But aside from playing pranks on others, Sacis are natural beings, they live in the wild, and they will do anything they can do to protect it. You can imagine which famiy they don't really get along with (hint: they use axes to destroy trees and trap animals to feed on them).

Saci PeriríEdit


She's energetic, and as she says herself: "Gorgeous, amiga!" Her favorite color is red, as every other Saci out there, but she also loves to tint her outfits and makeup with gold: "Get some sunshine on that face!". She loves to tell jokes and be the funny one in the group,  getting to the point of being a little sarcastic sometimes. And, as her nickname says, she always has an Sassy answer prepared for any situation.

She is always carrying a bubble pipe. She got it from her father, and he got it from his father, and on and on - it's a family treasure. But as she's too young to smoke, she fills it with bubble soap and blows on it everytime she needs to think a lot or come up with something. 

She also loves to do physical exercises, mostly running (on her case,jumping), and magic. Unfortunatelly, because of the mean nature of her father's tale, she has to study Curses and not the good type of magic she would love to. She wants to make people laugh, not to harm and annoy them. 


Dark skinned with emerald-green eyes, she is always displaying a huge smile on her full red lips. She is also always wearing ribbons on her outfits, often golden ones. Her hairstyles always have some type of braid on them to hold her hair back, and she's always dealing with wind. She only has her left leg, but, even with her high heels, she can walk, jump and run just fine (even faster than the average one). Her wardrobe is entirely red, as it is the Saci kind's color. The red hat on her head is always present - she doesn't take it off even for sleeping. 

The Tale of the One - Legged *****(New)*****Edit

Once Upon a Time...

The day was ending at the Saci kind’s land. It consisted of a vast forest, made of bright colored trees, most exhibiting permanent flowers. It felt so alive inside it, with all the birds and animals of all sizes pacifically roaming it. The Sacis gather at its heart, at an open part. A huge, never-ending enchanted bonfire warmed them, while they would narrate their newest pranks they used on people from other lands and kingdoms. That was the normal life of a Saci. Old or young, they were always up to a new trick or prank to be done, and were proud of it.

However, unlike the usual Saci, Pirirí (more known as Sassy) was doing something else. On her sleeping hammock, her only leg hanging from it, she was deciding which color of ribbons she would pack. A new year at Ever After High was about to start, and for her, it was the Legacy Day year. So, obviously, she had to be more picky about everything.

Liking neither the red nor the salmon ribbons, she floated off her hammock, being tied to two of the highest branches of the tree, and landed at its base. Sacis were wind creatures – they could bend the air to their wishes, and easily float around. It was very useful, as walking with only one leg was very tiring sometimes.

Getting there, she knocked at the trunk three times, rhythmically. Part of it slid to the side, like a door, revealing her closet. There was lot of red, with some other colors tinting it here and there. She loved the gold tints, though, and the gold ribbons were exactly what she was looking for. She got them, and made they float to her bag, that was on her hammock. She also packed all her shoes and clothes. They were all so few it was no more than enough for her to live by. Sacis were not exactly one of the richest peoples out there, you know.

When she was closing her bag, her Mirror Pad rang. Iarinha, her Best Friend Forever After was calling her.

“Oh, my… Did I do it right? Sassy! Can you hear me?” She said, clearly not used to the technology.

“Hey, Iarinha! Yeah, you did it! See, easy, isn’t it?” Sassy said.

“Yeah, I suppose so…” She agreed, showing a cute, shy smile.

“So, ready for school?” Sassy asked.

A long silence followed.

“I guess so.” She finally whispered, reluctantly.

Sassy did not blame her. Iarinha’s tale was very heavy, indeed. And this year, she would have to follow her mother’s steps, and kill her brothers. Yeah, hardcore. She felt Iarinha got really upset and all because she bought the subject up.

“Hey, sorry about that, sis.” She really meant it.

“It’s ok…” She showed a smile again. Sassy was relieved to see it.

“So, have you packed everything up?”

“Almost everything, I still have some necklaces that I left at mom’s palace that I have to get. But that’s all.”

Iarinha’s parents lived apart, as her father was the leader of the Great South Tribe, and her mother was the Mother of Waters, a mermaid, that ruled the Underwater Kingdom of the South River, so she would always leave something important to one side or another. As she still wasn’t a mermaid, her mother gave her a transparent cape that would allow her to breathe underwater, and visit the kingdom every time she wanted to.

“Great then! I’ll see you at 10 AM, then?”

“Yes, see you. Good night, Sassy!” Iarinha wished to her friend.

“Good night, Iarinha. Anything, I really mean it, anything that happens to you, you can call, ok?”

“Alright… Thanks, sis.”

“That’s what I’m here for.” And she ended the call.

Not even a second passed, and a deep, playful voice called Sassy from below. It was her dad, Saci Pererê.

“Pirirí! Kid, why didn’t you come with us for the daily pranks, again?” He was upset. Sassy would be getting his position, the leader of the Saci people in less than a year, but by the amount of missed prank days, she wouldn’t be a very good one.

“Sorry dad…” She apologized while floating down from the hammock. “I was busy packing up for school, you know…”

“Oh, kid…” He sighted. “What do I do with you? You can’t get my place if you continue like this. Your curses are horrible, and I don’t even want to mention your grades at the subject!”

“Dad, I…” She took a big breath. She had to say what she really thought; she couldn’t keep skipping the pranks anymore. “I… I don’t want to take your place! Not if it means making someone’s life harder!”

A long silence followed; she wouldn’t dare look at her father’s eyes directly.

“… I know.”

She was surprised. “Really? But… Aren’t you mad because of it?”

“I’ve never liked my future as well, Pirirí. But there was nothing that I could do, and the role had to be filled, somehow, on Legacy Day. So I took the responsibility, even if it makes me feel miserable every single day.”

So her father was against the system as well. Without even realizing, Sassy was smiling. She thought he would be blasting in anger, but instead, he totally supported her.

“I raised you to be a free, independent woman. So, Pirirí, if you don’t feel like doing it and you have a valid way out of it, than, please, do it.” He held her shoulders, advising her. “I beg you. Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

Sassy hugged him tightly.

“I will dad. I promise.”


The new school year began. Sassy’s dad had already sent her packed luggage to the school with the help of the Wind, and only with a simple backpack, she said goodbye to everyone (which took more than an hour) and left for Iarinha’s house.

She roamed through the forest, which she knew like the palm of her hand, and in no time, she found the (rather big) tribe. She greeted everyone on her way to the biggest house in the tribe, as she was almost part of it already, so much she visited her friend. She called for Iarinha, and her triplet little brothers, Macaé, Macaí and Macaú opened the door to her with the biggest smile from seeing “auntie Sassy” again.  In a few minutes Iarinha was ready, and saying goodbye to everyone, they hit the road to Ever After High, on foot (Iarinha’s luggage were already in the school; they shipped it in a boat that was carried by the South River to the school.). Good thing both left with sneakers, not high heels: it wasn’t a short run.

When they finally arrived, they weren’t very welcome. Everyone in the school judged you by your tale; Sassy having the prankster tale and Iarinha the assassin one, no one dared to look to them, and disappeared the moment they set foot on the building.

Sassy hugged the almost-bursting-into-tears Iarinha, and they both went to their rooms like that. Fortunately, they were going to be roommates as well this year. They spent the whole morning setting things up and cleaning the dusty place, and by lunchtime, they were starving.

After lunch, they went to Bookend Ally to buy some furniture for their room, and shortly after, they were back to school for their Legacy Day rehearsal. Every last year student must be there.

As expected, Apple White perfectly recited her line, pledging her future as the next Snow White. But, for Sassy’s surprise, Raven Queen, Apple’s to-be antagonist, hesitated.

“I was just wondering… What if I don’t want to take the pledge?...” She asked to Headmaster Grimm.

Everyone went open-mouthed. Sassy as well, but as in an exited open mouthed.

“If you don’t pledge your destiny, your story ceases to exist; and so, you will cease to exist.”

But Sassy was too deep into her thoughts to listen to that last part. She wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to follow her destiny!

At nighttime, she couldn’t shut her eyes. Just thinking about the slightest chance of writing a brand new destiny of her own was astonishing. Being so, she spent the whole first night of school awake – not even her hammock, which she brought from home and tied on the pillars of her room, could swing her to sleep.

She sat in the window, looking at the moonlight. When she was almost falling asleep, and she flew herself to her hammock, Iarinha woke up, frightened. She screamed and struggled in her sheets; the water mattress she had just bought this afternoon bounced with her.

“No, I don’t want to! Please! How could I ever kill my brothers! No! No! I don’t want to! Please!”

Sassy went for the rescue. Iarinha was having one of those recurrent nightmares again.

“Iarinha, look at me, sis, it’s ok! I’m here!” She hugged her friend as tight as she could. “I’m here, I’m here… There, there…” She wiped the tears of her friend’s face.

“Oh, Sassy...” She stopped to hiccup briefly. “I don’t want to have to kill my brothers, I love them so much to do that! But I don’t want to disappear either!” She started to cry again. “I’m just so lost!...”

“Hey, don’t worry sis, everything is going to be ok.”

Everything would be ok, for everyone. No one should be forced to do such horrendous things.

No one, ever.

And she will fight so everyone can have a happy ending.

The End… just The Beggining.



Her family is the whole Saci kind, but the one that she is most close to is Saci Pererê, her father, and the leader or the Saci kind.


Her only and most true friend is Iarinha [TBA], a shy girl with a tragic tale to fulfill.


She doesn't have a pet, and doesn't like the idea of pets. She is a forest creature and believes no animal should be domesticated. You can always befriend them, though.


Nobody at this moment, she just hasn't found anyone that shares the same principles as she does.


  •  Her nickname was given by her best friend, Iarinha, who, knowing the other students would mispell her name, searched for a word similar to Saci in the English language. "Sassy" was the closest one, and it fitted Perirí's personality like a glove! 
  • Saci Pererê is a Brazilian tale, one of the most popular ones with "Iara: Mother of the Waters" "Headless Horse (Brazilian version)", "Curupira", etc...


Notes by the AuthorEdit

Hello! This is my EAH OC, Sassy! I don't have that much time to work on her directly, so I'll be adding information on her (and create Iarinha's page) little by little. I hope you like it! ^^

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See you soon! ;D

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