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Magical Tricks Edit

Don't get me wrong, I question some aspects of my tale. To be honest, spending years in an apprenticeship doesn't sound like a fun commitment, especially because of the long hours doing chores. Yet, if it means I can fully learn my magic powers, it is so worth it! Besides this detail, I like my story. It's simple, no one gets hurt, and it will benefit me in the long run. Besides taking up an apprenticeship with a sorcerer, I just steal his hat when he's not looking and enchant a broom.

The more I think about it, I really think that's why I'm so interested in hats and why I steal them for fun. It would make sense. I just wonder if this will continue even after I relive my tale. Which reminds me: I have nothing planned for my life after I live my story! Why the spell haven't I thought of that, yet? Well, maybe I could publish joke books? Or write encyclopedias about hats? Or something else that requires magic? Maybe one day I'll have things figured out.

Chapter 1 Edit

Coming Soon...