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A New SchoolEdit

I recently graduated from middle school. I'm ready to go to Ever After High. My BFFA, Rosetta Peacock and I are so excited. Besides, in about a year or 2 I can pledge my destiny. I have a super fun destiny. You see, I have to take Celeste's hat while she's not looking and play with it's magic. I hope Celeste will pledge her destiny, because if she doesn't then I can't follow my destiny either. However, This could be hard because Celeste is my rival. I'll just see what will happen.

Chapter 1Edit

During Orientation, I had to sit between Rosetta Peacock and Celeste Sorceress. A few minutes later, I felt awful! Starting now, some students may not pledge their destinies! I need to find who's idea is this and put a stop to it! If not, most of the students while cease to exist! I have to save those students!

Chapter 2Edit

Ugh! I am so mad! Celeste is so annoying! She wants a diffrent destiny and she knows I want to follow mine! Who made her queen meanie? And worse... without Celeste, we will both cease to exist! Am I going to sit there and worry? No! Will I do something about it? Of course! This school year I am going to encourage Celeste to stop avoiding her destiny! I will not let anyone in my way!

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