Sabrina Apprentice is the daughter of The Apprentice in the Sorcerer's Appentice.


Sabrina is a royal due to enjoying her destiny. She loves the fact that she can have fun in her story and, that fun is with magic. In fact, she wants her destiny to happen. Although, Celeste is in her way, which is a problem. Why is she in her way? Celsete believes what she has to do is dumb and won't follow her destiny. That makes Celeste a rebel. The reason why Celeste was mentioned a lot is she is Sabrina's rival. Also, their personalities are complete oppisites!


She is kind, helpful, and loves to have fun. She is also very girly and adores the color pink. Sabrina loves to sing and at times tries to take Celeste's hat (which nobody uses) while she isn't looking - usually at night. She does this to practice her stealth when she has to steal the hat for real. She is also loyal to the people she loves.


Her roomate is Rosetta Peacock who is a royal as well.


She has blond hair, blue eyes, and a light skin tone. She loves wearing the color pink because it's her favorite color.


Her BFFAs are Rosetta Peacock, Ashlynn Ella, and Clarabelle King.

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