Quotation1 I'm crazy, but that's okay Quotation2
Quotation1 before god made the planets, I broke the fourth wall Quotation2
in the chatroom...being random
Quotation1 erm excuse moi mais avant les dinosaurs etait vivant, j'ai casser le quartrieme mur Quotation2

SabbyFangirl24 (formerly MonsterGirl2002), or known better as GirlX or Sabby, is part of this wikia, the MH Fandom wikia and the Vocaloid Fansite Wikia.

Original CharactersEdit

Icon-Rebel Narcissa Demonic- daughter of the devil from The Snow Queen

Icon-Royal Willow Maid- daughter of Maid Marian from Robin Hood

Icon-Neutral Fayette Patin- daughter of the fairy godmother from Cinderella

Icon-Rebel Ebony S. White- step-daughter of Snow White from Snow White

Icon-Royal Calista Gilded- the daughter of Marigold from King Midas and the Golden Touch

Icon-Royal Tessa Turchese- daughter of the fairy with turquoise hair from The Adventures of Pinocchio

Icon-Neutral Charlotte von Heinrich- daughter of the princess from The Frog King


Stolen Heart

Baby Steps

A Demonic Mistake

Wonderland: The Musical

Standing on the Edge

A Visit to Hell

One Wish Without Magic


Quotation1 But I only have a life on the internet Quotation2
Telling GirlX's mother that she doesn't have a life off of the internet when she tells her to get off of the computer


OC Surprises~Edit


Contact DetailsEdit

MH Fandom Wikia (Admin): MonsterGirl2002

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