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Rumpela talking to Madia Hatter



Rumpela is very silent. Usually whatever she says is yelled, because she knows what happened to her father, and she dosen't want that to happen to her. However, if you give her a chance, she can actually be quite kind, if you get past the fact her powers sometimes go haywire. Don't take her for granted though, she can turn things to gold. She has a calm, cool, collected side she usually brings to school with her, becuase whenever she loses her temper her powers go haywire and she can turn the most random of things to gold. She can be a valuable friend to have, especially if you need gold of some sort (just don't ask her for too much gold or she might give you more than you can handle!). Rumpela can also be a bit mad sometimes, often getting a bit mad when she is asked for too much, for example.


Rumpela has fair skin and blue-green eyes. Her hair is a shoulder-length caremel brown with a touch of glittery gold at the tips. She is 4'9.

Fairy TaleEdit

Rumpela's story is Rumpelstilsken, written by Brother's Grimm. A short version can be found here:[1] . Due to the story, Rumpela is destined to help a girl turn string into gold to save her from being executed by a king. Rumpela doesn't agree with her destiny because she says 'that girl must be too greedy, ugh, I'd hate to be in her slippers'. This may sound rude, but she says this because it 'wastes' her energy.



Her father is Rumpelstilsken, and her mom is unknown. She hasn't seen her mother much, and before her father supposedly passed away, she didn't talk to her dad much. It may be possible that he's still alive, but Rumpela won't say anything, because she's had a rough relationship with her dad ever since she was four, since she refuses to make wishes for every person.


Rumpela is friends with her roomate, Madia Hatter. She also shows interest in Adelise Wonderland.


Rumpela has a pet goldfinch named Goldie. She has a strong bond with Goldie, and lets her take the prices people must pay to get their gold, or pick up anything small she needs to obtain. Goldie is smart with keen eyesight, but she is a bit clumsy.



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