We aim for the Wikia to be a fun and enjoyable place for everyone.

Rules dictate what sort of things are allowed on the Wikia. Etiquette are tips for how to behave. Both keep the Wikia running smoothly. Most of these should be common sense, but it's good to read through just in case.

Breaking rules can result in warnings and even bans.

When a person joins an Internet Community, it is good habit to read the Rules and Etiquette first. Congrats on doing so! So, sit back, relax and enjoy our humble Wikia!

Please note: Everyone mucks up and every user on this site has had to be talked to by an admin at one point or another. If an admin approaches you, it is never an attack on you personally. We just want to be able to help you fit in and gel with the community better, all while keeping the rest of our community safe and happy.


These rules apply in all areas of the Wikia.

  • Keep things PG-13!
    • Ever After High is a franchise designed for a younger audience, so we have to keep that in mind.
  • No excessive use of rude language.
    • Please limit swearing and other rude words.
  • Violence and gore should come with a warning. If the violence and gore is serious or explicit, please link it instead.
  • No sexual content.
    • The general rule of thumb for posting any content: “would this be allowed in a typical Marvel (superhero) movie?”
  • Your age and/or age range should be stated.
    • This is due to COPPA laws.
    • Ages should be stated on driver pages, or if you have not made a driver's page, your user page.
    • If you are uncomfortable with stating your age, 13+ or 18+ is fine.
    • We’re aware this may seem like a odd rule, but it is the law that all users on this site be over the age of 13. This is for the users' own safety. It is also of note that if we need to contact higher up in the wikia community for help, we are at risk of our wikia being closed down if we have users younger than 13 on it.
  • Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.
    • This includes (but is not limited to) gender, race, sexuality and religion.
    • No content with racist/sexist/homophobic undertones should be posted.


Courtesy means being nice, polite, and following the golden rule of “treating others how you would like to be treated”. Here are some ways you can help to keep the Wikia friendly and helpful!

  • Be kind!
    • Thank people for help, and offer help to anyone who might need it.
    • Being purposefully mean or rude to others is not okay.
  • Remember, there's a person at the other end of the screen. If you wouldn't say what you type to them in real life, then maybe it's best not to type it.
  • Don’t demand people for art, or comments or votes on/for your OCs.
    • It's okay to ask people politely for requests, but asking is a lot different from demanding!
    • Demanding means constantly asking, without consideration.
    • They are people too! Being demanding to others can be rude and make them easily stressed.
    • Would you go into a restaurant and ask them to make you free food? Of course not. Art is like food - people work hard to make it, and it can take a lot of time to prepare. Demanding people to make art is just as rude as demanding people to make you food.
  • Be friendly and welcoming!
    • If you see someone new on the Wikia, saying a simple “Hi!” means a lot.
    • Posting positive comments on people’s pages is another friendly thing to do. It tells other people that you have enjoyed what they have written!


  • Keep the chatroom PG-13.
    • Discussion of topics that exceed PG-13 should be done privately or outside of the Wikia.
  • Welcome new users who enter chat!
  • Don’t talk over people. Make people feel welcome and included in the chatroom.
  • Spamming (ie, posting repetitive messages, useless/junk content) chat is very rude.
  • Disobeying these rules can result in you being kicked or ban from chat. This means you lose your ability to talk in/join chat.


  • Only edit pages that you are allowed to edit.
    • That means you can't edit pages that belong to others. This includes adding categories and editing grammar.
    • Only if you get permission, can you edit pages.
  • When a new page is made, please add categories.
  • Please check Original Character Guidelines for our rules on character pages.


  • You don't have to write OCs who are good people. Sometimes, OCs can be bad, neutral, or somewhere in the middle.
  • However, it's important to realise that things have consequences. If you want to write your OC doing something bad, you’re free to, but the OC shouldn’t be rewarded for being a bad person.
  • Writing sensitive content, or things that can potentially make others uncomfortable is permitted. However, you should attach warnings, so those who do not want to read such things know what not to read.
    • Severely sensitive content like suicide and rape should not be explicitly shown. That means you can reference or refer to such things, but the acts themselves are not allowed to be “shown on screen”.
    • This is up to your own discretion, but an admin may step in if necessary.


  • Only post pictures that you are allowed to post!
  • All art posted on the Wikia should belong to you.
    • That means the art can be drawn by you, or it could be drawn for you by another person as a gift or commission.
    • Art in the public domain (ie, no copyright) can also be posted.
  • Pictures from dollmakers, and art made from tracing (ie, base art, recolours) are not allowed anywhere on the Wikia.
    • This means on articles, blogs, even in the photo files.
    • However, you are allowed to link these pictures on pages, as long as they are hosted externally.
    • Base art is defined as “art made from a base traced from non-original art”. You can use a base if it was 100% made by yourself.
  • Do you want to show people a piece of art, but it's made by another person? You can! Posting links to other artworks is okay.


  • Blogs follow all the General Rules.
  • There are no specific rules for Blogs as of yet.

Three Strikes Policy

  • Sometimes, breaking rules continually or on purpose may result in a ban.
    • This means you can't post on the Wikia for an allotted period of time.
  • If you have been banned three times from the Wikia, your third ban will be a permanent one.
    • This means, if you have been banned twice before already, your next ban will be permanent.
  • Permanent bans means that your ban never expires. It's a lifetime ban.


  • Rules can, and may be subject to, change.
  • If any major changes or additions in rules occur, a post will be made announcing that!
  • Thank you for reading the rules, and enjoy your time on the Wikia!