"I Prefer Reading Over Running Oz."

Ruby Wicked Is The Daughter Of The Wicked Witch the Main Angoisnt Of The Wizard Of Oz.


Ruby has Green eyes, light green skin, and short curly black hair, she wears glasses. And she wears a short black dress and black flats.


PARENT'S STORY: The Wizard Of Oz ROOMMATE: Scarlet Tin SECRET HEART'S DESIRE: To Open a Librey In Oz. It Not Sappy its readdy. I hope they dont spill water on me MY "MAGIC" TOUCH: I Can Fly STORYBOOK ROMANCE STORY: Princes aren't my thing. To put it lightly and keep it short . "OH CURSES!" MOMENT: When I Do My Mother's Laugh FAVORITE SUBJECT: Lies, Lies, Books (Librey)  LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT: Witching  101.  BEAST FRIENDS FOREVER AFTER: Scarlet Tin

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