Royal Fashion (RF) is a fan created fake doll line. The girls are showing off their fashion as they go shopping for clothes, shoes and accesories in the village of Book End. They will be wearing stylish outfits and shoes to go along with their shopping adventure. (please let me know if you want your OC(s) to be in it)


  • dress or top and bottom
  • shoes
  • earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet
  • purse
  • key, stand and brush

Cannon CharactersEdit


Apple White

Briar Beauty

Blondie Locks

Ashlyn Ella

Duchess Swan

Holly O'Hair

Lizzie Hearts


Raven Queen

Madeline Hatter

Cerise Hood

Cedar Wood

C.A Cupid

Kitty Cheshire

Melody Piper

Poppy O'Hair



Arianna Marine

Allison Wonder


Erika Marine

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