Rouge {Roose} Queen, is the daughter of the "Red Queen", a main character coming from the classical tale:"Alice's adventures in Wonderland".Her world is a trap, full of dark secrets and a destiny, that she almost hates.Rouge is a strong girl, which believes she will change her destiny even her acts may will make her life adventurous and dangerous.


Personality: Edit

Rouge is a rebel-minded, strong girl that loves adventure and trouble. Sometimes she is a little mean to others.She don't know how to lose and she always want's to win.As almost every rebel she just hate her destiny as the "evil","killer" Queen, that gets what she wants.Rouge believes she can change her destiny and re-write her story.She is a good friend of Lizzie Hearts and just loves playing cards with her.

Appearance: Edit

Rouge is extremely beautiful.She has got brown-red,in one side short and in the other long hair decorated with black and golden highlight.She wears a black,red and gold corses top and a skinny black skirt.Her golden high heels and her crown complete the fairytale look.


Family: Edit

❤Red Queen:Mother

❤Red King:Father

Friends: Edit

❤Rouge has none friends yet, except Lizzie Hearts.

Romance: Edit

❤Rouge believes she is not ready for romance yet.

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