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Rou Hjorte is the successor of Bae, who is a supporting character from Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. She identifies as neutral as she really couldn't care less about what the future holds for her, and this attitude is why she is known to often leave things be until the very last minute.

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Rou is very relaxed, chilled out and lazy, which is odd considering she is expected to be alert, obedient and ready-for-anything. Rou handles responsibility the same way she handles her homework, by "eating" it and pretending it never existed. She'd rather curl up under a tree on a warm day and listen to the gossip and tales of her associates than be stuck in the back of a class having to deal with shouting, which is something she cannot stand.

When she is fully alert, usually at lunch break or whenever food is mentioned, Rou is nonchalant and tends to be a good listener, here she is most likely to offer a "ride" to an associate or go exploring Book End in hopes to get so lost she misses her final class, though this never happens because she is usually found. Rou would like to consider herself to be quite adventurous, as she is used as the steed of a robber girl who enjoys finding spots to stargaze in, but she doesn't have any sense of direction and due to her short attention span, tends to get bored and go off to do something else.

Rou is also moderately fashion concious, enjoying "borrowing" her friends clothes and creating outfits out of them, to mixed results. She enjoys listening to stories and is very imaginative.

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