Quotation1 Roses are red! Music is blue! I'll sing a song just for you. Quotation2
Roslyn says this before she sings her random song for people.
Roslyn is the Daughter of Princess Karen of the story The Red Shoes. Roslyn likes to be called Ros since her name is long. She is a Professional Dancer and Singer Just like her mother. She is a Royal since she wants to live with her mother in Heaven. Roslyn used to have a big sis named Crsten but now she has a little sister named Magenta Shoes.



Roslyn is Hyper,Excited,and Crazy, she is very creative too. She is always excited to go to class and she always makes things exciting when it gets boring. Roslyn likes people and she always tries to make people laugh and smile. She is not very smart because she was born with bad eye sight but she was never given glasses. Roslyn love love loves music and she always listens to music in class but it doesn't give her a problem because she has really good hearing.


Roslyn has long black hair like her sister but she has blue highlights at the end of her hair and she has red highlights mostly everywhere. She has a light skin color since she is moslty indoors. Roslyn wears blue and red headphones on her head, purple make up, and she wears a necklace with a music note on it. Her clothes are violet red with music notes on it and she wears light red stockings with violet red ballet shoes on it. She also wears red shoes but they are violet red colored since she doesn't really like the color red.



Roslyn used to have a older sister named Cristen but she left and danced away without saying goodbye. She is now alone without any siblings or and parents. But now she just found out she has a little sister named Magenta Shoes.


Roslyn's friends are Destiny Catherine,White Lamb,Jewel Stone,and Phoebe Wolf


Roslyn has 4 pets, she has a pet cat,bear,puppy,and a pet bird. Their names are Melody(cat), Techno(bear), Dubstep(puppy), and Classic(bird).


Ros doesn't have any crushes since she loves music and dancing and her pets.



Legacy DayEdit


Quotation1 Music may be just a song or some lyrics but music always has a meaning! Quotation2
Quotation1 Move Your Feet here and there so you can dance everywhere. Quotation2


  • Roslyn was suppose to have a big crush but there wasn't any cute boys that CreativeMadness could think of
  • If Ros would have a theme her theme would be Blossom by AU5,Thousand by Hellberg,Dreams by Rouge,or Flight by Tristam and Braken! ((You can check these songs on youtube!))
  • Roslyn is suppose to be a rebel but oh well
  • Ros was created by CreativeMadness
  • Roslyn would be voiced by Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack who is the voice of Vinyl Scratch in My Little Pony.
Roshly Try out

My first try on Roshly. Its ugly but i'm still trying to work it out.

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