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Rosita Cracker is the daughter of the Nutcracker Prince, the eponymous hero of the fable and ballet.


Rosie loves adventure and taking risks, even if they don't fit in with what her destiny has in mind. She loves Christmas and the spirit of that season, never failing to have a candy cane on hand for a friend in need. 


Her best friend and roommate is Carly Hansel, and she has a loyal dog named Christmas who gets into just as much trouble as she does. There's no time for a storybook romance for this festive girl-on-the-go, she's focusing on finding herself before finding love — and she's going to look everywhere

Story Edit

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King was written in 1816 by German Romanticist E.T.A. Hoffman. In 1892, Tchaikovsky adapted it into his famous ballet.

In the story, a young man is transformed into a nutcracker by the vengeful King of the Rats, and his betrothed rejects him because of his new appearance. The Nutcacker's uncle, the mysterious inventor Drosselmeyer, arranges for him to be given as a gift to Clara (sometimes Marie) who helps restore him.

Gallery Edit

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