Rosie Peacock
Character Profile
Parent Story Princess Rosette
Alignment Neutrals Icon-Neutral
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People keep bugging me about whether I'm a Royal or Rebel, but I just don't want take a side in the destiny conflict.

Just had a long day. I woke up early, and the classes were extra hard. Went shopping on what turned out to be a REALLY HOT day. I came back to my dorm to nine assignments, all due tomorrow! Then at dinner, the line was so long, and here I am, at the end of the day, ready to go to SLEEP!!!!!

This is me in classes: La la la la la la la...Ooh, pretty flowers!

Story time! Once upon a time, a charming girl named Rosie wanted to throw an awesome party, not for any occasion, just something that everyone can look forward to. So she was thinking about the plans for this party: electric blue and teal EVERYTHING, with peacocks on them, and they could get an awesome band, and they could serve chocolate chip cookies, fruit punch, chips, soda, pretzels, and...PEACOCKS! So Rosie set out to find a peacock. She know where peacocks were, she wouldn't be the daughter of Princess Rosette if she didn't, but she wanted to find a very special peacock. Rosie didn't know what would make it special, but She'll know it when she sees it. Rosie came once-upon a river, and the current flowed so fast that she didn't think even the fastest fish could survive. Lucky for her, (tiny) stones made a bridge across the river. She stuck out her foot, and crossed the river. But the big, bad last stone was very slippery. Rosie put her feet on the stone, and slipped. The fast river flowed and carried Rosie off. She knew how to tread water, but then there was a waterfall. A tall, big, scary waterfall. Rosie cascaded forwards the waterfall. Then she flew. She flew down the waterfall. A branch was stuck in the mountain and Rosie grabbed it. Then she spotted a patch of grass that looked so soft. Rosie angled herself in that direction and let go. Luckily a peacock had called some animal friends to save her. In the process her shoe flew off. Rosie walked around when a tiny creature came to her. She pet the little creature and walked with it. Then, tired Rosie saw that school was just up ahead. She was walking in a circle. She complained to the creature just that. Rosie was sad and frustrated and she guessed that little animal knew it. Then he turned into a dragon. Rosie couldn't believe her eyes. She befriended a dragon? The dragon whacked his tail at the school. Rosie laughed. He or she did it again and Rosie had tears in her eyes. He/she kept doing it, and people noticed. Rosie had no idea why the dragon was doing it-she wasn't really mad at the school, she just was upset that on Rosie's big quest she was going in a circle. Bricks started falling, and it all went downhill from there. Rosie (and we all know Rosie is me,) never figured out why the dragon did that, maybe there was some history. Wait-I think this is a little too long.

I was sick yesterday, so today I have to make up for all the tests I missed.

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