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A New SchoolEdit

OMG! I am so nervous! I am going into my first year at Ever After High and I am younger than most students! You see most of my class mates turned 15 last summer but I'm still 14! At least my birthday is in a few weeks. I am also sometimes called the smallest in class due to not being that big. I hope I won't be teased like in middle school, the worst 3 years of my life. My destiny is way better than this. That is why I am a royal (my friends are too).

Chapter 1Edit

I had to sit between my friends- Sabrina and Clarabelle- during orientation. I had a great time, until a big student sat in front of me. Hello? Did he notice me before he sat down? I thought. I get annoyed when this happens. At least my teacher saw me in the audience and Headmaster Grimm asked the student to find some place else to sit. Thank you, I thought.

Chapter 2Edit

This year, I am going to make small students like me notice-able. Also, I hope Tiny isn't in my class. If that happens he'll step and/or sit on me every day! Besides that, I feel bad for Sabrina. She loves her destiny and our rival, Celeste, is going to ruin it! All in all, this year will be like no ordinary year.