Rosemary is a shy, quiet girl who either has her head in a book or in her paintings. She is extremely clever and takes numerous extra classes during break and gets up early to go to the school library. Her best friend is her pet cat Pearl.


Rosemary is very close with both of her parents Rapunzel and her father, and lives with them, her twin brother,her step-sister Holly, her cat, and three horses in a gothic castle. In order to fulfill her story, she lives in one of the turrets of the castle and mostly interacts with her nurse. At the end of the Brothers Grimm tale, it says Rapunzel had twins (a boy and a girl). Rosemary and her brother Basil are those twins. Her step-sister is Holly O'Hair, and she is a year younger than Rosemary. Holly isn't technically destined to become the next Rapunzel, but she is still going to Ever After High as she is going to have her father's sister's kingdom passed onto her.

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