Quotation1 One's kiss is enough... Quotation2
Rosaline's personal quote

Rosaline 'Rosa' Croakington is the daughter of the Princess and the Frog, aka the Prince, from the same story with the same name.



Rosaline is a quiet and peaceful girl. She does not like loud and noisy things or people. She enjoys drawing and often draws in her spare time or when she's alone, however, she is not a loner, she is just not so social. Rosaline gets annoyed not so easily, but this mostly happens when there is so much noise and loudness. Rosaline is kind and a good listener. She is quite clever and smart and she dislikes fights.

She has nothing against her destiny, but she prefers that there must be a bad guy. Unlike her brother, Hopper Croakington II, she is sometimes 'mute'. Other than drawing, she likes dancing but doesn't dance infront of anyone because of her shyness. She is gentle and polite, she's not a bully and does not like picking on anyone and she doesn't like bullies and bullying. Rosaline is sometimes sensitive and she sometimes cry, not from such things, but if it's a big problem for her. She is also impatient, she is used to fast actions and people and not slow ones.


Rosaline has long brown hair and light green eyes. She has a little pale skin and she is a bit shorter than her brother, Hopper.

In her basic, she puts pinkish-fushia lipstick and she is often seen with a lip-shaped purse and it's handle is golden.



Rosaline is the daughter of the Princess and the Frog, meaning that she is Hopper Croakington II's sister.


Apple White and Blondie Lockes are Rosaline's best friends forever after.


Rosaline shows a dislikes towards Briar Beauty.


Rosaline is single and her destiny is to meet a prince who is in a form of a frog, defeat the bad guy, kiss the frog so that he could turn into the prince and live happily ever after.



Rosaline's hair is loose. She wears a green, puffed short-sleeved, dress which has a glittery golden strap. Her heels are golden and she wears a small golden crown on her head along with golden crown shaped earings.

Legacy DayEdit

(Coming Soon)


Quotation1 I, Rosaline Croakington, pledge to follow my mother's footsteps and kiss my prince to live happily ever after Quotation2
Rehearsing her pledge

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