Quotation1 Everyone has a mind of their own, so they should be allowed to do what they please. Quotation2
Rosabelle said this at the Legacy Day rehearsal.
Rosabelle Rose is the daughter of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is a rebel since she doesn't want to fall in love with a big hairy beast that is actually a Prince. Rosabelle has thinks that she doesn't need to follow her destiny. She thinks that she would rewrite her destiny instead of being forced to follow her destiny on being captured by the Beast. Rosabelle is the twin of Arabella Rose and the big sister of Bella Rose.

This is unfinished and Rosabelle is owned by CreativeMadness.




Personality Edit

Her friends call her Rossy. She is very talented, beautiful and a little bit mean to babies because she hate's her childhood


Rosabelle medium short hair that is brown. She has brown eyes and her lips are colored red.


  • Creative had a really good reason why she made Rosa a rebel becuase in the real story of Beauty and the Beast. Everything is creepy. The beast will die of a Heartache and Belle is terrified of the whole story!

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