Vital statistics
Author Clawdeen Ghoul
Illustrator Clawdeen Ghoul
Published on N/A
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N/A Roommates: Sleepover!

Roommates is a book series by Clawdeen Ghoul



Chapter 1: Break The Rules:Edit

The big school doors opened. A gleaming light came through, everyone turned heads, Natalie Field, Icy Snow, Calista Gilded, Abigail Thief and Rolana Candeliere came through as Charli XCX's 'Break The Rules' song was booming out of someones boombox in the background. All 5 girls were walking, Natalie winked at her girlfriend Rickie and Abigail smiled at her sister Tyv. The girls sat at their usual lunch table, suddenly Apple said 'Can I sit with you, guys' with a big smile as multiple groans came from the girls. TBA

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