Rom is the son of the Boy who Cried Wolf. A troublemaking rebel whith a bit of a lying problem.



Romulas is a loud and obnoxious boy who isn't afraid to call someone out in the middle of the hallway. He figures if he's going to be obnoxious in his story he better work on it now. He lies without thinking about it and often cuts classes. Edit


Rom has floppy black hair that flips outward. and mischievious hazel eyes. He wears a lot of blue and generally wears "farm wear" overalls and boots. Sometimes he has a staff when he feels too lazy to stand up on his own.Edit



Rom is the only child of The Boy Who Cried WolfEdit


Rom has a lot aquaintances. He gets along decently with Mattie since they're both "obnoxious" by some people's standards. But he considers Don Beast his best friend. He is roommates with him and spends a lot of time with the boy trying to get him to be more outgoing.Edit