Quotation1 Look, I don't know if I like or even want my destiny or not, all I want is to live my life happily for now Quotation2
After being questioned about her destiny

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Hello! I am Romia Candeliere, the daughter of Lucignolo from the story The Adventures of Pinocchio. I know i have no destiny, but it gives me a choice on what i want to do with my life. I feel horrible for my step sister, Rolana, since she has to live a predestined life. I wish there was some way i could help.... 




Romia is a very nice jenny, who loves to do things for people to make them happy. She is very hard working and determined. She loves to socialize and is willing to lend a hoof, or hand, to someone who needs help with something. She may be a donkey, but she is more than a beast of burden. She is a very good drawer, and loves to let her feelings out by writing. Everything seems to come out easy for Romia. A lot of boys like her, and she doesnt know why. She feels she brings her adopted sister's confidence down by bragging, but she never means to do so. 


Romia has brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, and normally has a bit of blush on. 

Fairy tale – The Adventures of PinocchioEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

The Adventures of Pinocchio

How does Romia come into it?Edit

Romia is one of 2 biological daughters of Lucignolo. 



Romia is the daughter of Lucignolo and Donya. She has 5 brothers and a sister named Luciana, and a stepsister named Rolana. She cares about her family very much and would do anything to make them happy. 


Romia loves to socialize with both Royals and Rebels, since she grew up with both sides of the card. She feels sympathy for the Rebels, and understands them, yet she agrees at some points with the Royals. She doesnt know which side she is yet so she is currently neutral. 


Romia has a pet cat named Giangio, named after the farmer who bought Candlewick. 


Romia has no interest in anyone, but she is willing to socialize and get to know some of the boys at her school. But she is being hit on by every donkey boy she knows, and some of the prince charmings, and she doesnt know why. It is starting to break her and her stepsister's bond since Rolana has been trying to get a boy to like her. 



She has a plaid dress with a green covering over it, a horseshoe headband, a straw belt and a chain belt, ripped up socks, straw shoes, and a matching purse. 

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Quotation1 What would happen to me? I have no destiny, or is there one in stock for me? Quotation2
Romia asking Milton Grimm about her destiny


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