Robin Red
Robin Red (2)

Robin Red Basic

Character Profile
Parent Story Snow White andRose Red
Age 16
Alignment Royal
Roommate Amber Owl
Secret Heart's Desire I want to do something great in my life. I want to accomplish something.
My "Magic" Touch How about nothing. Unless you call clumsiness a gift.
Storybook Romance Status No body sucks more than my destined lover. But I have my eye on a childhood friend.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Falling on my face.
Favourite Subject Princessology. Nothing better than feeling important.
Least Favourite Subject Crown-culus.WHY!?
Best Friends Forever After Winter Bear, Angel White, Herb Dwarf, and Treasure Bear

Robin Red is the daughterpf Rose Red. She is a student struggling with the failure of her destiny.

Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose RedEdit

Basic SummaryEdit

Robin is destined to defeat Herb Dwarf (TBA) along with her cousin, Angel White. She will also need to marry her step-brother, Phillip Brother.



Robin Red has two cousins, Angel White and John Son. As well as her mother and father, Rose Red and the King's Son's Brother, and aunt and uncle, Snow White and the King's Son.


Her friends consist of a small group of childhood friends including, Winter and Treasure Bear, Angel White, and Herb Dwarf.


She absolutely hates her destined husband, but has her eye on some one else.



Robin's outfit includes a puffy sleeved, cream coloured blouse, a brown corsette, and a red skirt. Her shoes are mucky brown wedges with thorns on the back and straps.




  • [TBA]

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