This is Rhoslyn Roosevelt's Diary.

A New OrientationEdit

I flew over the high gates, which said Ever After High, my sister went here and is in 6th form studying to be a teacher here. She showed me round, I met my BFFA's Bunny Ticktock, Cerise Hood and Gigi Genie. This school was very tall and I felt really nervous!

Chapter 1Edit

Bunny was very kind to me! Gigi Genie was my roommate, she is very kind and helpful as well! Cerise was a shy, dark girl with a hood, she never takes it down. There is this school bully, Jazzy-Mena Aladdin, she hates Cerise and Bunny they usally ignore her though! Jazzy-Mena was hitting and punching me and I ran off crying, they obvisously won.

Chapter 2Edit

Bunny was behind an old tree, I usally go there to read, I have never seen her there before, I could hear her crying, she was really upset, I asked why, she said it was Jazzy-Mena! She had told her to go kill herself! I was so mad, I was gonna go tell the headmaster, but Bunny stopped me, she said that's not all, she was crying about. She said 'I have a secret, no one knows but you!' She told me, I can't put it in here, because my mum would love to see my diary, when I have finished this school!

Chapter 3Edit


Chapter 4Edit


Chapter 5Edit


Chapter 6Edit


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