Reynie is an OC created by Endeavory.

As the daughter of legendary mischief maker Reynard the Fox, Reynie has a future of big plans and big failures ahead of her. So, for now, she's following the rules and seeing how things work when other people are in charge. It's not always easy to take a back seat, especially when you know exactly what's best for everyone. But Reynie knows that one day, leadership is going to be a pretty big burden, so she's happy to let other people shoulder it. For now.

Personality Edit

This girl is the master of keeping her mouth shut. Of course, there are times when she really shouldn't. Like when her sometimes rival Kitty Cheshire decided to seal dry ice into glass ornaments for winter decorations. Good thing nobody was hurt. The trouble is that Reynie doesn't know when or how to take control of a situation. She's as cunning as her foxy heritage suggests, but this vixen has a lot to learn about applying her smarts. Better safe than sorry. Nobody wants to end up trapped in the middle of a raging river.

Appearance Edit

Reynie is a sweet faced girl with golden eyes, fox ears, and a head of leaf green hair with a blonde streak in the front. She wears an orange and white dress with white tights and a golden sash at her waist.

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