Renee Le'SabreEdit


Renee Olivia Le'Sabre is the daughter of Aramis, one of the four protagonists of The Three Muskeeters. She's a Rebel, because she don't want to protect the king/queen at the cost of her life. Renee is a good friend, kind, and she wants to be the best fencer of the world.




Renee is  kind, caring, friendly and smart. She is an extreme maximalist, and if she loses a fencing competition, she starts to cry. She's a very picky eater. She's always ready to write and draw, especially when she's got a good idea. When she has angry moments, she's ready to chop up anything and anyone, but she rarely does this.


Her hair is gold coloured and straight. It's sometimes messy. She has got bright blue eyes, and peach skin. She's not very tall. Her father calls her teeth perfect.



Her father is Aramis, one of the Muskeeters. Her mother is unknown. She has three other siblings a girl and two boys, and three cousins, but only one is known, she is Avril L'Épéé. 


She's friendly, and most people like her. She has many besties, too. Avril is her cousin, Johanna is her friend from first year, Willow is almost like her, Maddie helped her to make friends, and Raven is her rewrite-destiny-bestie.


She has a beagle dog, named Kimmy. She helps her with studying.


She still searches her Prince Charming.



She wears a blue dress, what matches to her eyes. She carries her sabre tied to her back with an orange ribbon. She has white shoes with black heels.

Legacy DayEdit

Her hair is tied up in a ponytail. She wears a long dark blue dress with sabre, foil and epee motifs. She also wears a black cape on it. Her sabre is now tied up with a black ribbon. She wears black glasses and dark grey shoes.


Quotation1 Bella, please don't sing at midnight. I'm trying to sleep! Quotation2
Renee when Bella sings at night
Quotation1 Johanna, leave me some fish this time! Quotation2
Renee when Johanna tries to eat her lunch
Quotation1 Don't. Call. Me. DESTINYKILLER! Quotation2
Renee when Bella call her destinykiller


  • In her diary, she writes she more looks like her mom.
  • Her birthday is June 19th.
  • If she would appered in webisodes, she would be voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, like Maddie.
  • Her fear of public speaking is a reference to her father. He doesn't spoke very often
  • She smiles very often.

Her scheduleEdit

1. Beast Training and Care

2. Muse-ic

3. Creative Writing

4. Grimmnastics

5. Crownculus

6. Geografairy

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