Rebecca Thropp is the main antagonist of Once Upon a Time in Oz. She's the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West, and her destiny is to be killed by Adrianne Gale, Dorothy Gale's daughter.

Character's DescriptionEdit

Rebecca is green-skinned, with a long, purple and black hair. She's dress is very similar to her mother's, just with a few arrangements.

She is very mean, she actually wants to kill Adrianne, so she will not be killed in the future.

Rebecca's RelationshipsEdit

Adrianne GaleEdit

Her main enemy. Rebecca hates she with all her soul and heart.

Evelyn OctopiousEdit

Her best friend. Rebecca has been manipulated by Evelyn several times.

Nick BrainEdit

Her best friend (later her crush). Nick always supports Rebecca, that's why he's the only person she doesn't hate even a little.

Sebastian ReddEdit

Her boyfriend. Rebecca started a sentimental relationship with Sebastian when he saved her to fall from the balcony to the river.

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