Rayan is the Son of The Red Queen, from Lewis Carroll's Through The Lookingglass and What Alice found
there, he has no relation to The Hearts family, and the constant confusion between the two has been a source of consternation and conflict for centuries. 

Yes, he is to be the next Queen of The Red Kingdom, and he would ask you not tease him about it, as it's a pointless endevor.  Queen is a unisex term where he's from, awarded to anyone who can cross the chessboard and get to the Eighth Square.

He's a royal, being happy enough with his destiny, but finds himself sympathizing with the enemy (as his mother would put it), on ocassion. 

People with limited knowledge of Literature and Politics often expect him to play the villain, something that annoys him to no end.  He's not evil, he's not even anagonistic, in fact, his role is quite helpful. 


Quiet, reserved, thoughtful, polite, a connsumate gentleman, Rayan is a bit of a conundrum, something of a loner, but quick to go out of the way to help people, he can often be caught holding doors open for complete strangers. 

Generally speaking he prefers to avoid conflicts or arguments, although he steps up if his friends are involved.  He's also terribly patriotic and a sure way to rile him up is to say somethign derogatory about Wonderland.


Rayan is tall and in fairly good shape, with kind eyes, his skin is a bright red, as are his hair and eyes, his hair is kept short and tidy with neat sideburns.  As for his dress, he wears a crown, which never seems to fall off although it doesn't fit quite right, a white dress shirt with perfectly startched collar, burgandy tail coat, and black pants with a checker pattern on one leg. 



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How does Rayan come into it?Edit

Rayan is a middle child, among eight siblings, although his parents treat them all with equal respect.  People are sometimes surprised to see Rayan is destined to be the next Red Queen, but in The Looking Glass Lands it's a gender nuetral title.  While his family doesn't think schooling here is nessacary (after all they don't even offer Uglification as a base Arithmagic, villains only.) Rayan was all to eager to follow Lily, partially to look after her, partially to get some freedom from an ocassionally overbearing mother.







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