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My name is Aimee. 19 (20 in May), Gemini, INFP/J, Cis Female, she/her, multi-fandom, artist and sometimes writer, non-combatitive shipper, reasonably laid-back person, who-the-heck-even-Knows™-sexual Panromantic. I'm going to flesh this page out into a full-fledged "character" page at some point, I hope y'all know.

My deviantART account:

My Character Page: Rai-Knightshade

Fandoms I'm in include: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ever After High, Star Wars, SHADOWHUNTERS (it owns my life now), Glee, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Supernatural, Avatar: The Last Airbender (have not seen Legend of Korra yet), The Land of Stories book series, and various other book fandoms.

Talents include: Art, writing, some singing, flute playing, snark commenting on movies/tv shows/stage shows/etc.

Current Main OTP's (because my actual list of OTP's is too numerous to list): Heart and Soul, Klaine, Sea Glass, MALEC, Quintis, DAPPLING, Sabriel, Destiel, Flash SentryxTwilight SparklexMoondancer, Solangelo, ZipporSqueak, Huntlynn, possible OT3 between Raven, Dexter and Cupid (because the best way to solve a love triangle is to turn it into a polyship), Jaina SoloxZekk, Sparity, Soarin'Dash, etc.

FriendShips: CrissColfer, Fluttercord, KurtxRarity (fashion besties), HummelBerry, Kelliot, Blam/Slaine, RavenLine, etc.

My Characters' Ships (x denotes a romantic ship, & denotes a friendship): Sea Glass (ArionxAnteros), Impish Roses (RosexAndre), Rosarion/Salted Roses (Rose&Arion), Heart and Soul (CA CupidxVenetia), the Adventure Crew (Anteros,Andre,Regi,&Tina), Glass Slippers (Ashlynn Ella&Anteros), Under the Sea (Arion&Circe), Tempered Storm (MyrtilxTempis), Senpai Noticed You (Arion,Ahiru,&Circe), My Main Squeezes (Arion,Andre,Anteros,Rose,&Venetia), The Bird Brains (Regi,Tina,&Chanson), The Freshies (Venetia,Circe,Chanson,&Ahiru), The Nutcracker Crew (Miriam,Charlie,&Flinn), Rai's Omniship Crew (literally every character I have plus Ashlynn and Cupid)

Navigation: I've decided to divide up my Driver page into subpages! Follow the tab links at the top to the various subpages I've created. Each tab contains pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, so you shouldn't have much trouble figuring out where to go! Eventually I'll be changing this page into an actual "character" page with an infobox and everything, but for now I'm keeping it like this. Got any questions, comments, or well wishes? Leave them below or on the subpages they're talking about if you're wondering about something specific (e.g. questions about my fanfiction plans would go under the Fanfictions subpage)! Have fun!