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Quinn Sternberg is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. tbc 

Character Edit

What is Quinn like? Edit

  • extremely timid (her stutters can often be worsened by it, but correlation does not equal causation and it's merely a speech impediment
  • finds it difficult to relax fully around other people; gets rather anxious
  • highly paranoid around others as well
  • don't mistake her politeness for niceness (she's not MEAN but she is rather suspicious of others without the need for rudeness)
  • abhors physical contact
  • has been known to sometimes lash out physically at others if sufficiently frightened
  • is rather considerate towards her friends when she's paying close attention
  • absentminded when it comes to her interests; lets them cloud her thoughts
  • values logic over emotion in most cases
  • is astoundingly inept at most social interactions
  • finds it hard to relate to others and show her affection


What does Quinn like to do? Edit


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What does Quinn look like? Edit


Fairy Tale- The Prince Who Feared Nothing Edit

Quotation1 I-I'm sorry!!! I c-can't... I can't d-do my s-story! I don't d-deserve it! Quotation2

How The Story Goes Edit

Her tale!

How does Quinn fit into it? Edit


Relationships Edit

Quinn's Family Edit

Quigley Sternberg (Adoptive Father) Edit

Elle Sternberg (Adoptive Mother) Edit

TBA (she's a jerk though)

Quinn's Friends Edit


Quinn's Acquaintances Edit


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Quinn's Romantic Life Edit


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Class-ic Schedule Edit

tbd when i'm not lazy

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Gallery Edit

This is where all the art of Quinn will go. Feel free to draw her because she really needs art. Just remember her looks. She's a short, pale girl with green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Otherwise, go wild! Thanks in advance :3

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